After a visit to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in 2011, Margie Shard, president and wealth advisor of Shard Financial Services, Inc., was appalled to learn that elementary aged children in Genesee County were only being feed in school and that during the weekends, literally had no food to eat.

“I couldn’t sleep. I was a new mom at the time and I kept thinking about my son. I kept seeing his face and I wondered what if my son couldn’t get food. And then I thought about how I would feel as a mother, if I couldn’t feed my son.” – Margie Shard

Margie met with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, and together, developed a fundraiser to help benefit their Backpack Program. In 2012 the first Wine, Women, Fashion & Finance Fundraiser was held to benefit the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan’s Backpack Program. In 2015, the Fundraiser was renamed to Backpack Night to strengthen its connection to the Backpack Program.

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